Sally Donnell Rilee

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A painter’s thought processes involve exploring both ideas and colors.

Some ideas start with landscapes. Riding in a car taking pictures of trees and mountains with movement or walking around a lily pond in spring, summer or fall. The water lilies disappear down under the water for the winter and then come up PINK in spring!

The fog on rainy, grey days (that will be another series). There are so many different colors of greys.

Paintings usually like to get said simply and sometimes just one color is all it takes. Less is often more so the process may be about what can be taken out of the painting rather than what else can be put in. The better painting might often be done through subtraction rather than addition.

One idea leads to another so the work is constantly changing. An idea might not get onto a canvas and painted for years and then one day resurfaces and cannot wait any longer.

The End of the Day series of smaller painting are added o at the end of every workday to clean the palette of paint. Mixing the constantly changing leftover colors together makes new colors that might never have been used. They are done with a palette knife rather than a brush to help use all the scraps. The end pieces of linen and the end pieces of wood from framing also get used too. And they are hen get turned into money for more paint!


Sally Donnell Rilee