La Loop


In 1999, businesswoman, Debbie Zoullas, became so fed up with misplacing her eyeglasses and sunglasses-at home, in the office, on the go-that she finally decided to do something about it. Putting her career in finance (Morgan Stanley, Sotheby’s Holdings) on hold, she created the model for a hinged loop that could attach to a necklace and hold her glasses in place. This innovative piece of technology was soon granted US patent #5.893.198 and la LOOP, an exciting new accessories business was born.

Next Zoullas created a partnership with Elizabeth Faraut, whose background in product development and marketing (Guerlain, Guess Jeans) help set the tone for stylish and elegant seasonal collections of La Loop necklaces that integrated the highest quality materials with international fashion trends.

In a remarkably short period of time, not only did La Loop become the premier accessory in the eyewear industry, but it also attained cult status among the thousands of devoted customers, collectors and celebrities who discovered La Loop around the world. Now available in over 500 high-end stores throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States, La Loop also attracted the attention of the international press, including Vogue, Elle, InStyle, The New York Times, London Times, Le Figaro, to name a few.

With the extraordinary, rapid success of La Loop, the design, manufacturing and distribution partnership of Zoullas and Faraut became firmly established which intensified their mission to provide creative solutions to everyday problems with products of high quality and sophisticated styling. From the outset, they believed that a vast marketplace of overextended and style-conscious professionals, parents, students and homemakers, was not being addressed with modern accessories that both served a function and looked great on. Into this mix, two other product launches in the past year have attracted great attention and extended sales further.

SportLOOP, an over-the-head, stretch-cord and molded-plastic, colorful, washable and fun version of la LOOP was the hit of the summer with the trendy, active crowd.

La LEASH was created to keep the obvious list of other necessities always within reach, most notably the cell phone, but also iPOD, pen, keys, ID, MetroCard and more. Designed with Italian leather cord and a Sterling Silver clasp, la LEASH is also available with attachable pochettes, iPOD holders with more attachments to come…

Everything about us is really about providing you with just the right tools for the modern-day life of ease and style.