Eyebobs are designed for wearers who demand distinctive, high quality glasses that express their image and smack of attitude.

So you’ve always had 20/20 vision, right?
Every 8 seconds someone turns 40. This means 1.5 million people are having birthdays and if they don’t already wear a reader, they soon will be (97% by the time they are 50). In addition, 1.5 million people have lasik surgery and many more find Eyebobs as the perfect adjunct to contacts.

What’s Different?

Eyebobs are made to make a great first impression with both color and style in mind. Why bother putting on a terrific suit, a fabulous outfit, or wearing terrific shoes, if you are going to put a cheap pair of readers on your face?
Using top grade optical plastics from Italy and high tech metals Eyebobs feature flexible hinges and extended temples to keep the eyewear comfortably in place. In fact, each pair comes with a one year manufacturing warranty. All styles offer UV protection.
Eyebobs are not intended for the masses. It’s meant for someone who is a little edgy, definitely has an opinion, may be a bit too outspoken, who dares to be different, and who doesn’t mind attracting attention.

Create different looks for home, office, and evening. The average person has 8 – 10 pairs of readers. Be sure to keep an extra pair on the coffee table, by the bed, at work, and by the TV.

Eyebobs specializes in eyewear for the irreverent and slightly jaded.